What type of case are you using to protect your droid?


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Feb 17, 2011
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I am using an otter box, dropped it from 20ft. and phone was in excellent condition. My only complaint is that the built in screen protector sometimes makes the touch screen a little unresponsive.
Otterbox is the only way to go in my opinion. My commuter case should be here soon its all I've ever used on my smart phones. Takes awhile to get them though. Shipping is taking 10 days nd there based in Colorado nd I'm in Arizona, why so long fedexxx :(

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I have an OtterBox Commuter case and I keep my phone in a NiteIze Large sideways case with velcro closure. FTW!
I use an OtterBox Defender. I absolutely love it. I have however considered the Incipio case. If it only had a belt clip....
Otterbox impact, silicon case on steroids pretty much.

otterbox defender is too much.... whyd u buy a thin phone to make i as thick as a phone book..... the commuter will do u just fine as long as you dont plan on dropping it off two story buildings. i find most drops are from your lap to the ground, highest being when your getting out of the car. itll work up to 8 ft fine id say. impact is even thinner but doesnt have tha hard shell that makes a big difference.
im rocking a $15 case that i bought for $10 at the mall. cheap but does its job, no point in spending $30 if your just going to drop it
I use the otter box commuter. A tad pricey but if I laid 300 dollars for my phone id like it protected.

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That's what im saying. You got a $500 pocket computer rolling around with you. Im gonna get something better than a 10$$500 case I haggled for... the commuter is perfect. Get it from amazon tho... its way cheaper than from the otterbox website.
Not saying the 10 case is the best but if you drop the phone the case mightbreak. Happened to me with my 35 dollar case and a 30 dollar one afterwards, the case will get damaged and not protect properly so why spend so much?

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I have a BodyGlove case on my Droid X - decent protection, unobtrusive color (black) and it allows access to the buttons on the DX, which was an issue with the Otterbox Commuter case I had on it before. As for the Trident Kraken case, :::shudder::: that was a total disaster.

Love it without a case...insurance - and scratch proof sceen --> dancedroid

This is my newest case. I also have a kracken that I use for the outdoors and a standard verizon hard silicon case.

[video=youtube;hYBIo-uzs5Q]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYBIo-uzs5Q]YouTube - New Droid X case with Kickstand[/video]