What is this Gallery alternative? +Gallery


Mar 28, 2010
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Opelika, AL
Someone please explain this alternative gallery to me. I do not understand the description, and have found multiple Android related sites but no real comments.

More information:
The free version is known as "+ Gallery" and the paid version seems to be "Gallery++"

Is this a good alternative to the 3D gallery? It looks the same to me, then again I don't know what the description means.


This application for Android OS 2.1 Gallery (I've joined a few modifications.) Is of the type built into the OS runs on a different task. Is scheduled for a variety of customization in the future. (It is also preparing a directory for file transfers between ☆.) AU-IS03 is a real advance in production at stable operation with a check to some extent, the available free time. May be suddenly closed, etc. If you have any issues right. In that case, I'm sorry. In the Ekusuperia may have heard, so that applications may be difficult to use and galleries. 1.1.1,1.1.2 1.1.0 Bug fixes 1.1.3 Initial use of the camera changes to a selective enhancement systems 1.1.4 camera image editing features (also work with Adobifotoshopputsuru) 1.1.5 Icon 1.1.6 fix 1.1.7 Intent reach into the surrounding set of images> PDF feature added in 16-card limit 1.2.0,1.2.1 crop solve the problem of moving around adds features 1.2.2 SD card ( theory) 1.2.3 crop (trim) to deliver additional CM 1.2.4 movie (crop) to CM 1.2.5 Edit Image delivery at no additional starts, added description. 1.2.6 small change 1.3.0 to start the video when the camera stops booting. 1.4.0 1) intent of the response to send, add the ability to copy images to specific local. Select a picture "share" to please. 2) When using the delete was fixed and the mismatch occurred and shows the actual status of the file. 1.4.1 Image Copy function in the shared folder where you want to copy the image (which may be any) from the menu "set sendto" to be able to specify the destination image by performing. 1.4.2 the establishment of the Go menu. Go with the additional information in the display copies. 1.4.3 Fixed a crash report as confirmation of the phenomenon. Added 1.4.5 changes in one ad out of the area where the image information. 1.4.8 ANIMATION GIF animation display is added

+Gallery 1.4.9
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