What headphones do YOU use for listening to music?


May 23, 2011
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Precisely as the title says, so post away!

No bashing others for (not) using so and so brand please.

As for myself, personally, I use a set of Ultimate Ears TripleFi10.

They'll be reshelled into custom IEMs very soon though. Might even add another midrange driver in to bring vocals forward.
I use the SkullCandy hesh model crystal clear and deep bass.

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Got a beater pair of SkullCandy ink'd earbuds. Sometimes I use the Samsung earbuds that came with my Nexus that are pretty good. However, when I'm on a trip or want some good quality sound, I use my Senheisser CX500s
My Beats Studio listening to them right now actually :)

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Sony, not the cheap ones. They have deep rich bass and incredible high range also. They are made for the ipod but work just fine in my TB.

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I use altecs... they don't cost a lot.... and they sound really good.

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I got a pair of LG Bluetooth HBS-700 headphones. These are in ear plugs that are snug but also comfortable. I listen to a lot of audio books and podcasts and the stereo separation is amazing and it sound like the person is speaking right in your head. Music is also very clear and fun to listen to. Battery life is very good and it stays connected.

The only down is they really shut down the outside world, so don't wear while driving or trying to talk to someone. About $60 at Wally-world.

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