"WHAT had he done; NOW!!!??"


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Feb 8, 2013
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Morning to everyone,
Hello, Im hoping someone out here can help me, this is a multi step question. Here Goes.
Im what you would call a dummie when it comes to anything electronic, anything. on the other hand, a certain someone in my life(I wont say who) is a computer genius and cell phone prodigy. Basically i want to know what he has used my phone for, how to regain my info, if he's using some sort of spyware at all on me, and how to protect my info from now on. Oh yea, how to find him!
HERE is what I do know.
He's experienced in computer programming, rooting, flashing, coding, number changing, you name it he can do it.
My micro sd has been deleted, any way to get back? All gone.
My phone has reset.
My phone will turn off and on by itself.
Ive had to change my cell number 3 times in a month. My service provider still cant answer me why OR give me back my original number I've had for 2 years.
He has changed his number and everyone that i know that knows him. How do I find him?
I stii don't have caller id but I cannot deal with customer service anymore. ANYBODY??? Any ideas?


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Nov 11, 2009
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Did this person ever get their hands on your phone?