Weird issue with Google Voice


Nov 30, 2009
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I don't generally use my Google Voice for texting. My friend has both my VZW number and my GV number saved in his contacts. On Christmas day, he mass texted a bunch of people a Christmas message. He apparently clicked my GV number by accident.

So I got a text to my GV, and also the same text to my Hancent, but instead of showing from his number, it showed from a completely different number. I am in PA, my friend's phone has a Maryland number. The number that it showed is a Georgia number. I responded to him through GV, and his response again came through GV as his number and Handcent as the Georgia number.

So I decide to call the Georgia number, and it rings his phone. He has no clue what this is, but when he tried to call the same number, he got "Call cannot be completed".

What is this number?

Maybe he has a GV number that is a Georgia number? Thats wild but that number is obviously forwarded to his real number.

Probably just a data error at VZ. Dunno but thats wild.

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He does not have GV.

I just tried the number from my office line. It said "Cannot complete your call, please try again"

Yet it works from my droid, and calls his cellphone.
This is because you have SMS forwarding enabled. It allows you to use the standard messaging apps instead of the GV app but the messages will come from a Google number. Just be aware that these forwarded messages and replies to these message count against you.

Here's the Google Voice help page on the matter though the 678 numbers must be new as they're not mentioned in this:

If you don't reply via the forwarding number in Handcent then the message will come from your cell number instead of your GV number.
Ok, I understand that. But why do I reach him, when I call that number? Does this mean that GV has assigned him that google number? That wouldn't make sense.

Also, in my GV app, it does show as being from him, it's only in Handcent that the number is different.