Google Voice help


Dec 31, 2009
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I am going ahead and starting this thread for all of you that will be needing help with this, including me.

I set mine up, worked for a couple days, then it stopped working all together,no calls in or out. Now I can make calls but most of the time incoming calls go straight to voicemail. My bro settup voice on his phone and his number didn't work either.

I used my last invite to create a new voice account for him that would use his number instead of a Google number and that works, only he has to check his vm from gv, if he calls the number Google gave him to check his vm the number is not in service.

I left feedback with Google hoping they fix me up but no fix and no word from them.

My next step is to get rid of it and contact everyone I know again to let them know I have a new number, again.

I almost wish it was a paid service so I could complain to Google til they fix it.

Anyone else posting here for help should make sure you have activated your phone with google and dialed the *7 number to activate gv on your phone.