Weird Battery Issue


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May 22, 2013
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I have an LG Nitro HD, and have recently had some weird battery issues. For months I have had a problem with my phone crashing. However, in the past few days whenever it does so it has been getting very hot and will lose a significant amount of battery charge (10-15%) when I get it rebooted. Twice this week it has crashed and lost enough charge require the phone be plugged in to reboot it. Normally, when I plug my dead phone in it won't boot completely but bring up a grey screen with a picture of a orange blinking battery, until I press the power button. However, when the phone crashes, killing it, and I plug it in the picture of the battery is blue and has a little yellow triangular-road-sign-looking icon in front of it with a spinning arrow. When it does this the phone does not appear to be charging at all as it will sit like that for about 10 minutes before shutting down, and rebooting properly with very low battery (1%). While the blue battery screen is up I cannot do anything to the phone until it goes away.

I have googled this problem extensively, and surfed through this forum, and cannot find anyone who has had a similar problem. Can anyone help?