Droid discharged battery while plugged in to A/C


Nov 27, 2009
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Has anyone had this problem: I plugged the phone into the AC charger overnight to top off the battery, and when I woke up, the phone was "off" as in dark. I pressed the power button, and it rebooted immediately, and the LED was red, indicating low battery. The phone immediately started to charge as it was still plugged in to AC. The battery had discharged itself down to 0%. I am pretty sure that there were no applications running when I left the phone, and regardless, since it was plugged in it should not have mattered. I am guessing that the battery shorted itself out. I am going to recharge and see what happens, but I am pretty sure that I am going to be returning this device under a warranty claim. Has anyone had a similar experience?

Oh, this was a Motorola charger, not a cheap third party accessory.

Between this issue and poor call quality, I am not very happy at this point.
I have experienced this problem too, I don't think it is a hardware problem, as it does not allways happen.

With mine it will charge to 100% then start to discharge, if I turn off the Droid and turn it back on with the AC adapter plugged in, then it will charge and stay charged at 100% showing that is is still connected to the AC adapter.
Odd, I've had a few odd things happen (shutting off, and won't turn on without battery removal) - but imo if it only happens once - shrug it off - if it happens again, or regularly, definitely return.
Motorola Chargers

I had an included AC charger with my Droid, and purchased (from the VZW Store) an auto charger. Neither has any markings, logos or writing of any kind to designate whether they were manufactured by Motorola. How are you able to distinguish your Motorola chargers? I was assuming that because it comes with the Droid itself - it would be a Motorola. And since the auto charger was sold to me WITH the Droid, same assumption.

Any input? I'd like to purchase an additional pair of chargers (AC and DC) so that I can have one at my office as well as my home, and also one in each of my two vehicles. I would prefer Motorola and not a cheap China knockoff.

TIA mike
I have the charger that came with the phone, it lets you disconect the cable to use as a data cable. The first time I had a charge issue was using the GPS on a long trip, I have a USB port in my car and plugged into it, it lets me charge all my other devices, but not my Droid, had to pull in to Walgreens to get a cheep $14 car charger to charge my phone.
Similar Issue

I just had a similar issue. My phone was about half-charged, so I plugged it into my computer to "top it off". I looked at it about 2 hours later and it had a red light where the green indicator light usually is. I had never seen the "low battery" red light before, since I try to keep my phone from ever getting a low battery. I looked at the unlock screen and it said "5%". I unplugged it and then plugged it back in and then it immediately changed to "60%" and the red light is no longer on.
Battery indicates 5%

I have had this happen several times. The battery would show charged 60-80% and suddenly shows 5%. When I plug in charger goes from 5% to
60% and charges to 100%. I have had the droid about 10 months and this started about a month ago for the first time.