Weatherbug Widget not showing picture of weather

I have Bugless Beast so I used the Spare Parts app. I think there is one you can download from the market, search spare parts. I'm not sure if you need to be rooted though.

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Now this is getting ridiculous.... after not working for more than 3 days, the widget started showing the icon again about 15 minutes ago. All by itself, although i have also been deferring the install of frg22d all day. One can only wonder what is going on!
Well I think things are going better as far as weatherbug is concerned. After another attempt at re-installing left me with something that seems to work 99% of the time. AFAIK, I'm still on the same version and it MOSTLY works. Every now and then, the nice widget picture dissapears... only to reappear sometime later... hours perhaps.... but at least not DAYS. It's been behaving this way since my last post. So perhaps the problem was on the "push" side rather than the "pull" side?