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Jan 9, 2011
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I have the Weatherbug Elite widget, but it also shows the weather in the toolbar. I don't need both. Is there a way to disable it from the toolbar? Thanks.
yup - go into the weatherbug app, click menu, settings, and disable it from there
When I open the Weatherbug Elite app, it goes to the website. When I press menu there is no settings, just preferences. When I look at the list of preferences there is nothing regarding WE being in the toolbar. Any other thoughts? Thanks.
Temperature Notification:
Enable Notification - Unckeck.

Problem solved
Anyone having FC issues with Weatherbug Elite after flashing the Honeycomb Back Alley theme?
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Yes, I had the same issue. I figured out that nexus gapp update is the problem. I reverted back and now weatherbug elite works.

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Sorry. Can you clarify? When you save reverted back, do u mean you went back to stock? V6.5?

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Yes, that should work. Revert gapps to the version that was in the rom or get gapps for cm7 and modify it.
You should be able to reinstall PE 6.5 right over your existing PE 6.5 without wiping. You will lose your kernel and theme if you changed it before.

I took gapps and installed it by recovery after removing apps I don't want/need.
Btw, I wasn't using the honeycomb theme but I did install the nexus 2.3.5 gapps update that is stickied so I don't know if it was included in that theme.

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does anybody know if it's just one of the gapps? (geniewidget?) or something else?

The problem was with /system/framework/

I pulled it from gapps-20110613 and replaced it. Weatherbug works!
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