Waiting for my DROID

Abby Normal

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Nov 18, 2009
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HI, don't have one yet, but I also am counting the days..... I am also thinking bout just buying one, and swap out the phone,,,,

But I got to see what the prices are like first.......... otherwise I can upgrade in two months.....
Welcome to the forums!

Do yourself a favor and call *611. Hit "0" for an operator, and ask about Droid deals. I was only 5 months into my current contract on a BB Storm, and they sold me the Droid for $199 (not even $299 minus rebate- just $199) and set my new 2-year contract to start this month.

Just be aware that early termination fees went up, so that's a risk you take in re-upping.
So did you have to pay an early termination fee, or did being a Verizon employee exempt you???

Just called and no deal..... they will let me buy it outright for $569.99 or wait until Jan 2010 and then I can get it for $269.99 with a reup for 2 years.

I am thinking if I wait, there may even be a better break cause it will be after the holidays.....

but no dice for me, maybe you got a good deal cause you work for them..... dunno <<shrug>>

Thanks anyway, it was worth a try.