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Dec 23, 2009
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Customers choose verizon because of their reliable coverage. Since buying out Alltel and acquiring their towers Verizon is able to reach more people in more areas compared to their competitors. And with At&t struggling a few years ago to handle the load of iphone customers smart phone users looked to vzw to power their 3g devices. But now we are in a new era and 4g is upon us. Though verizon was not the first to 4g they were the first to adopt the LTE technology in the states with at&t and spring following alone. Those with vzw lte devices can attest to the growing pains especially in the last few months. But now the competition has LTE popping up along with the devices will vzw be able to continue to maintain its edge in being the most reliable network or will they fall to a competitor in the next evolution of data technology. I am paying close attention to see if AT&T will have the same struggles or will they be able to overcome those struggles. And is verizon's over controlling nature causing their network to struggle and could this be enough to allow another carrier to over take them?