VZ Navigator now auto launching when I use Google Navigation


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Feb 10, 2012
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Midwestern USA
A couple of days ago I suddenly get this issue: When I launch Google Navigation and try to type in a destination, it auto launches VZ Navigator, however, if I use Voice activation (but ONLY from the "Maps" view) it will launch and use Google nav.
I'm not sure WHY this has suddenly started to happen (though I believe there WAS an update to VZ Nav recently), and it's VERY annoying. Anyone else know of this issue? Or better still how I can disassociate VZ navigator from Google Maps/Navigator? (I don't WANT VZ nav, and I'm CERTAINLY not interesting in paying to use it).
I'm NOT rooted (don't want to at the moment) and not looking to factory reset my phone (unless I absolutely have to) so any help would be appreciated

Running Gingerbread stock on a Droid X2