volume granularity problem


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Apr 6, 2021
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lenovo m8 fhd
Hi all. I want to have more volume steps on a Lenovo M8 FHD. There is a only one mod going around which works on most devices but not on mine (and HTC UI sense apparently). This is ro.config.media_vol_steps property which you can add to /system/etc/prop.default (android 10). This will change the steps as required but it doesn't seem to overwrite the existing configuration instead it adds additional steps to the existing 15. So step 15 is still full volume but step 16 is 0 / mute again, 17 is next increment, 18, etc. If I change the mod value to 7 for example the volume works as expected with 7 steps, 0=mute, 7=full volume. Anything I configure above 15 steps just results in essentially two volume ranges. Can someone please explain what is going on here? Why does this tablet react differently to other android devices when altering a config setting in default.prop, project treble? Iv would really like to understand the android platform better from apps to binary and everything in between, I am currently studying C and X86 assembly but just cant get to grips with the required tool chains and file associations within android, specifically device configurations. Probably trying to run before I can walk but really need to sort this problem as the device is to be installed as a head unit on a high end mobile audio system and would really appreciate any advice or hints.