Volume Button Music Control


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Apr 13, 2010
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Orange County, CA
First of all, I am very excited with this new Liberty 3 v2.0! After using Liberty GB 0.9 for a while and switching to the cyanogenmod nightlies for the past month, it was great, but the battery life lacked even after underclocking and undervolting. The battery life is great on this new rom, currently at 55% after being unplugged for 14 hours with moderate usage. But the one feature I did get use to, and have grown to love, was the volume button music control which brings me memories of the OG.

Is this a feature we will be seeing in Liberty soon? Has anyone come across alternatives? I've heard about the Just Shake application and using poweramp, but I want something more integrated that works across all apps; pandora, music, subsonic, etc.