Voice search, Screen lock, wifi, and Flash Issues


Jul 14, 2010
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AZ Desert
1. I just got my Droid X, and one day later got 2.2. I am now experiencing a few issues that my friend w/ an X is not. When I try to use the new voice search features, and I am having a problem. If I say "send text to "name" or send message to "name", it will not enter a name into the send field. It will get the name wrong and put it in the message field (tried this out on someone else's droid X, and it worked no problem).

2. I am also having a problem w/ my screen lock. I have pattern lock on when the screen goes out. I have to slide to unlock, then enter the pattern (whjich I know on 2.1 was an option to only use one or the other). When I get a call and the screen is locked, it goes straight to push button answer not slide answer. I tried to get rid of pattern lock, but can not go back to just a slide to lock. If I turn pattern lock off, the power button will go straight to the home screen.

3. Wifi at home will connect, but I cannot not use the net or download an app.

4. Anybody know why videos on ESPN won't play (flash is working on my device for other sites, and I did dwnld flash from app store after 2.2 upgrade)

Any ideas on how I can fix these issues would be greatly appreciated. If this is a double post or not the way to ask questions, I apologize. I am new to this.

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