Voice Dialer/Contact problem


Dec 2, 2009
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Ok, I just searched for a few to see if something similar has been addressed, I didn't see anything, sorry if I missed it searching...

My voice dialer is doing what a few others have, it won't work off of the long press on the magnifying glass, instead it googles "call X" or "dial X" If I use the voice dialer, it never initiates a call, but rather lists some contacts that sometimes don't even resemble what I said. I'm speaking clearly and all that, but what worries me is my lack of contacts that are associated with my gmail acct. I never used my gmail much until getting the droid, I had VZW sync the contacts from my old Omnia to the Droid, therefore, none of these contacts are even in my gmail account. Is that a problem? And if so, is there anyway to sync the contacts from the droid to my gmail and see if maybe that helps my voice dial issues? If i say "navigate to X" it works beautifully, thus I'm immensely confused. Hopefully this all made sense. Any ideas on how to get my voice dialing to work even remotely well will be appreciated.
Ok, so I did some web searching and figured out how to sync my contacts to my google account, didn't solve anything with my voice dialing (not a surprise really) But now I think i see the real issue. When I try to voice dial by long pressing the magnifying glass, it brings up that contact, however, it says it doesn't exist and says add number below the name. BUT the contacts DO EXIST. I'm pretty chapped at the moment, wtf do I need to do?

Using the voice dialer app itself seesm to be working pretty well, but all the magnifying glass long touch does is want to search google... gggrrrr
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So wow, after I concede and make a post, I do some more searching and think I've fixed it. After getting my contacts to gmail and resynching, and powering off and back on, all seems well. You can delete this thread I guess. Also, it helps to add mobile or w/e type of line your calling, at least it seems to for me.