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Sep 24, 2010
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So, still can't get my contacts. Brief run-down:
-All my contacts are synced across Gmail and VZW Backup Assistant (Import/Export)
-All my contacts appear in the standard Contacts app
-I only have like 10 contacts in the Dialer app

I know that it's possible to create new Phone Contacts and link them to my contacts, but that's a lot of stupid work that I shouldn't have to do.

Is there any way to copy contacts from All Contacts to Phone Contacts? Or is there any way to make VZW Contacts sync with the Dialer app?

edit: And Facebook is syncing with the Dialer app just fine. In fact, before I added my facebook, it was giving me the message about "cannot add new contact because you do not have a valid account", even though both my Gmail and VZW contacts were already syncing up just fine.
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Better solution: Get "Dialer One" from the marketplace and just have it pull from my contacts. Is there a single standard app that I haven't replaced yet?
Having similar issue

I'd like to know as well. My Phone contacts are empty but all contacts (synce from gmail) is full. How do I get the gmail contacts into the phone contacts so it matches the contacts at Verizon's "My Verizon" account site?