Voice command for custom phone entries


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Jan 13, 2011
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After discovering how to create a custom label for phone entries, realized that these entries wouldn't show up by voice command. So if I had labeled somebody's mobile "Sue," or even "Mobile Sue," and said "Call Sue and John Smith - Mobile Sue," I would get the reply "No location stored." Or it would show their work and home numbers, but not the custom labeled number.

One day I forgot about this and said "Call Sue and John Smith - Mobile One." I had custom-tagged Sue's mobile "Mobile Sue." At my command, up popped Sue's mobile number and began dialing. The label that showed on the phone was "Mobile 1," with "Sue" in smaller letters under the contacts logo. It was perfect! I figured if I made all my custom labels with the standard word first and then the person's name, I could get them to voice-dial.

Then I made the mistake of deciding I wanted Sue to be Mobile 2 and John Mobile 1, so I switched them. You guessed it! It never worked again, just said "no locations stored." I tried making the label say Mobile 2 Sue, Mobile-Sue, Mobile Sue, etc. I have never been able to replicate this, and I know I didn't dream it.

Please don't explain that the program is designed for one contact per file. I just want to know why I was able to use voice command with my custom label exactly like I wanted to, and then never again. I really like the feature that lets you make a custom label Can anybody explain this?