Visual Voicemail App For Regional Carrier


Nov 21, 2010
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i am not on a major carrier. i have a local regional carrier called Carolina West. i hate the default carrier voicemail service. i tried youmail and google voice and i can't get either of them to work with my carrier. am i doing something wrong? youmail by default put my carrier as verizon. i left myself a voicemail by using another phone. my default voicemail service alerted me of the voicemail, and youmail never did.

i then tried google voice. during the setup, it failed several times to verify my phone number. after several attempts, i tried setting up using the website on my laptop. i was finally able to verify my phone number, but when i try to setup the voicemail option, it tells me my carrier is not supported.

is there any way to get either of these apps to work on a smaller carrier?