Can't change voicemail number from *86


I modified the actual Voice Mail entry like the previous post and it didn't work either when I tried to use the dedicated voice mail icon. However, when I assigned a speed dial for it on the keypad it worked just fine. So, now the actual "Voice Mail" entry is "*86,,xxxxx#" and is assigned to #2 on the keypad as a speed dial and it seems to work.


vmail shortcut...

What i do is the following:
*86,1234#1 = dial vm, pause 2 sec, enter password, hit pound, then enter 1 to play new vmails. The comma for pause used to be a 'p'... that changed when I flipped from my Touch Pro to the Droid X.
Removing *86 as a shortcut off of contacts

When I use my voice dialing and say "voice mail work", it dials *86. I want it to dial my actual voice mail at work. Any suggestions?
I'm using Google Voice on Droid X and would like to use the voicemail icon for checking Google Voice voicemail instead of carrier voicemail.

Search of the older Droid forums show instructions for changing assignment of voicemail feature, but seems to be different on Droid X.

Problem is the "voicemail" button always dials *86 and goes to carrier voicemail.

In Settings | Call Settings | Voicemail service, Google Voice is selected
In Settings | Call Settings | Voicemail settings, Settings for Google Voice is selected
In speed dial #1, I added my Google Voice number
In contacts, I added a contact for "voicemail" and entered my Google Voice number

With all that set, however, pressing the voicemail icon on the native dialer or the voicemail icon in programs results in dialing *86 and connecting to carrier voicemail.

Not a huge problem as Google Voice app or speed dial 1 can get me where I want to go, but it's an annoyance to have a feature that doesn't do what I want.

Just set up Google Voice on my DX tonight. Tried all the same stuff as the OP and it just wont work. That handy shortcut button just wants to dial *86. So, I just set speed dial 1 to my GV# and hope that a fix comes along sometime.
I don't think a fix is ever going to come from this. It's basically another verizon/motorola bloatware scam. The idea of course is that they want you to pay for their visual voicemail service, not use google voice for free.