a visual voicemail app suggestion? (not the default one thru verizon)

youmail is a visual vm app and its free!! you can even assign different GREETINGS to each contact to hear when they call lol.

I love youmail it is awesome and free. Try it

I agree.

What's really cool about YouMail is that when someone calls to your cell phone, the outgoing message addresses them by first name... "Hi John, Peter can't talk your call right now...."

My friends are constantly blown away by that.

Also, your phone DOES let you know that you missed a call, so I don't understand how someone can miss a call from YouMail, and not get it for hours.

At worst, you'll see in the notification bar that you missed a call, you tap on YouMail, and if it hasn't downloaded a message from that person, you can maually have YouMail check the server and download any new messages.
youmail for the win!

also 3 GV and 25 wave invites here
pm your email if in need
Just recv'd Droid today awesome Desire Google Voice Invite?

:motdroidvert: This phone puts iphone (oops bad word) to shame. Must wonder into apple store and walk aimlessly through store sporting my Droid! Security! he's backkkk!

Can anyone spare a Google voice invite?

Kindest regards,
I too am looking for an invite if there any to be had.