Google voice visual voicemail


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Dec 13, 2009
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Hi gang, just got my Droid a few days ago, won't even leave the house with it til my case comes from ebay lol. Anyway I got an invite for google voice, do you recommend using this with the Droid? I did not get visual voicemail when I ordered the phone, is it worth it?

Guess my question is keep google voice or not and should I bother with visual voicemail? I'm coming from an Iphone 3GS.
Google Voice is pretty cool. You can have different voicemail greetings for your different groups of Google contacts, can send SMS messages through Google Voice from your web browser, and it also transcribes your voicemail into text (with varying levels of success).

If you get a Google number, you can have it ring any number of phones, and the caller won't know the difference.
Google Voice is awesome! In addition to the visual voicemail, if you use the SMS through GV, it won't count against your SMS package (if you have one) if people text you to/from the GV #... definitely a PLUS for me as my boyfriend has (the dreaded) ATT, so it would count against me...because he tends to text me through my GV #, I'm not "charged" for any of our texting back and forth...
Any chance I could get an invite please? I invited myself, but have not gotten an invite. Thank you.