Video playback excruciatingly poor


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Sep 9, 2011
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Howdy all,

Having very aggravating issue(s) with playing videos: They are exceedingly, and maddeningly, grainy; there also tends to be large, bright areas on figures/objects at times which are poorly rendered, even in relation to the general graininess. I have had these phenomena appear w/ the stock player as well as various Media playing apps (am using Arc Media Pro, now); I also have the Zagg (or Sagg?) screen protector that Best Buy sells.

These videos are all ones that I played on my OG w/ none of the problems apparent. I understand that the screen is larger on my Bionic, yet the pixel count/resolution is greater as well, so I wouldn't expect to see these problems.

The video that I shot w/ my Bionic camera also looks crappy; image is very unfocused (though the camera was continually trying to auto-focus) and it just doesn't play well (it is my son running to scare up a bunch of seagulls, but it all appears to be in slow-motion).

These are the only issues that are seriously making me question the wisdom of purchasing this phone; other than these, I love it. However, these two functions are critical to me, and failure to fix them may very well cause me to return my Bionic.

Thank you for any help.

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