Video disappeares on HDMI output


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Jul 29, 2013
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Need professional help in Android internals. When I connect tablet to HDMI TV input all works well. TV shows desktop screen and games or photos can be watched on it. But when I start video on any player except VLC - TV screen appears black then video appears only on tablet screen. But audio plays through TV speakers not on tablet. Another behavior I've got with VLC player. It works with video hardware directly. It can play video on TV screen but it uses CPU to decode H.264. Therefore picture is covered by artifacts.

Even when I start camera - device shows camera controls on TV screen but the video itself is on tablet screen only.

Other firmware versions for my tablet CAN play video properly on HDMI. But I do not want change the firmware - I'm completely satisfied with all other functions.

I'm sure there is incorrect setting for video stream. When video plays this stream is directed to wrong output kernel virtual device.

I suppose video can be redirected to proper virtual device by correcting some system files, may me with .prop extension. Android is Linux by nature - in Linux it is easy to redirect media streams between different virtual devices. CAN ANYBODY HELP WITH THIS? Any ideas what to correct to redirect video stream to HDMI output?