[VIDEO] Droid4 D4 AOKP Kang AOSP ICS 4.0.3 Rom Review


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Oct 6, 2011
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Now that we have a viable method to get to clockworkmod recovery via safestrap we can flash roms with minimal risk. I say minimal risk because we are not replacing our main system we are only creating a secondary system. It should be noted that there is still no safety net and you should be careful no matter how minimal the risk until we have some leaked fastboot files! That being said developer "HashCode" the same guy that created the method to clockworkmod recovery has also ported over some awesome roms to this device. The Rom featured in the above video is AOKP or Android Open Kang Project. The original rom was built for the GalaxyNexus by developer Roman and packs tons of innovative hacks and mods, and lots of customization! You will be pleased with this Rom!

Grab the Rom here!