[VIDEO] Rom Review Droid 4 Cyanogen Mod 9 ICS AOSP SelfKang


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Oct 6, 2011
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Droid 4 has had its share of development. Last week I reviewed the AOKP rom by HashCode. This week we take a look at his version of CM9! This should only be flashed via SafeStrap. Safestrap allows you to run this Rom as a secondary system while maintaining your stock rom as your primary system. Even though this method of flashing a rom to your Droid4 is totally safe you should still be aware that there is no safety net. If you accidentally mess something up and softbrick your phone their is no fastboot file to flash and no way to unbrick the phone yet. That being said this Rom is well worth the minimal risk! It features an ICS framework and some custom mods, plus improved battery life and of course speed!

Grab the Rom Here
I've tried all of the other builds for both CM9 and AOKP. And there has always been a problem with the 4G, the Keyboard backlight, and receiving calls. I'm somewhat skeptical because you didn't turn off your Wifi and temporarily install your sim card to prove that the 4G REALLY works. But, I have faith in you guys! This video is Awesome! I'm downloading now:hail:
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