Vibration not working


Nov 15, 2009
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okay I am not a noob and know how to get the vibrate to work on my phone. The issue is when I get a call and phone is on vibrate it vibrates! but when I get a text it does not. I already went into the handcent setting and turned on vibrate all the time, vibrate when phone is on vibrate and tried various vibrate setting in handcent none of which work. any help would be appreciated.
Download smart vibrator, that will fix the text issue but that is it. I had the same problem and a couple days ago i fell and dropped my droid really hard and some how my vibrate works for all notifications now. So I wouldn't recommend it but toss it on the ground a couple times, it might work :)
Sounds like a problem with your phone, unless you have something else interfering..

I have Handcent and I have vibrate turned OFF there, but when the phone is set to master vibrate, it vibrates. Try downloading Ring Toggle for free on the Market and see if you can get it to vibrate then.