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Mar 20, 2010
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Jacksonville, FL
Hopefully I've posted this question in the right area . . .

How can I set my phone to vibrate when I get a text message? The phone is set to Vibrate, and it does vibrate when I get a call; however, with the phone set to Vibrate, when I get a text message, nothing happens, save for the blinking green light at the top of the screen. The screen doesn't even light up to tell me I've received a message.

I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that it's something simple that I've overlooked :)
Messaging App < Settings < check "Vibrate"
Sorry to rise from the dead but doing this makes it vibrate when the ringer is on as well. Is there a way to make it vibrate only when the ringer is off like calls do?
I use an app called Timeriffic. You can find it in the market and it is free (I think). Anyways, I programmed my entire schedule into that bad boy and it works like a charm. So now when I am at work my phone only vibrates for texts and calls. Then when I am off work, my phone rings and vibrates for all. Then I have a bedtime setting, a wake setting, even different settings for the weekends. Its great and you set the schedule of what you want the phone to do and at what times. You may want to check that out.
How torn on vibrate ONLY on Droid X?

Does anyone know how to turn on the vibrate function and only the vibrate function on the Droid X...I don't want any alert sounds or ringtones or whatever when I get a notification for anything or a call...VIBRATE ONLY FOR EVERYTHING
This should show up in settings after the update. Did on a Guy I work with phone. Did not show on 2.1 only 2.2.

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