Verizon suffers data outage across the U.S. (its not just you)

No issues all day in Atlanta...

Edit: Just saw the guy above me's post. The weird part is I know I've been on 4g all day, I always look at my data when I look on my phone. Was on wifi maybe from 8:30 when I woke up to 9:30 when I left, but decent 4g... until I read his post. Now I'm at full 3g. Thanks a lot guy above me! Also, to get to all three of those places in one day by now, you must've left pretty early, please don't tell me that's a daily commute...

I "commute" all over the country. Love my Bionic, but delivered over a million Apple gift cards today while cussing Verizon all morning. ;-)

Anger is passing a half dozen Verizon 4G billboards while having NO SERVICE.

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Shreveport, LA here. 3g only, all day. Had data outage last night starting from 1am...
No 4g in south Carolina still! Wonder of Verizon is going to credit accounts??

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In San Diego, CA, at 8:30am I had a white 3G icon when I should have a strong 4G. By 9:30am I had strong 3G and by 6:30pm I had 4G back.
I drove from Colorado Springs to Indianapolis over the last two days and had 4g service in every 4g market i went through... didnt even have issues going from 4g to 3g and back as we went... and i was streaming with Google music and pandora the whole time...

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Im in Nashua nh. Dropped 3 times in the last half hour but inly for a few seconds or so then comes right back.

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Data drop

Still having data drops in Ft. Collins, CO. Phone switching from CDMA/LTE to CDMA without input from me. Then after doing so the 3G connection drops out. If I manually switch back to 4G it comes back up. Then later it happens again and so on. Occurring a couple of times a day. If I manually switch from 4G to 3G it will connect to 3G for a couple of seconds then it drops. I can't believe Verizon hasn't gotten this corrected yet.