Verizon suffers data outage across the U.S. (its not just you)

Wash DC Metro Area. No 4G. 3G was on and off for a bit. But nothing now.
4G with Hotspot is working here in SE Michigan this morning. I had my phone on wifi while it was on the charger all night, switched it to 4G and turned on Hotspot to get onto my netbook this morning and see if I can 'stay connected'. I've been online for about 45 minutes without a hiccup. Go figure. 4G has been sporadic for me all week but it's working well today.
4g has finally returned to my PA area around 10:25am i hope this isnt what verizon meant by bringing us the "fastest 4g internet" :mad:
Service was out in Ohio at 07:30 this morning. It keeps bouncing back and forth since around 08:15.

Verizon's not being very reliable thesr days.

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In San Diego, CA, I had a white 3G icon where I had a strong 4G this morning. Only one email when on my PC I had about 10. Hopefully it'll be up later on.
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Still out in Southern Illinois. Was up and down for a bit.
I've had no service in Nashville, Chattanooga, Atlanta, or anywhere in between this morning on my Bionic. My MIFI seems to be working fine, however. The Verizon tech I talked to said it was mostly affecting 4g devices. But the same guy also said he had never heard of any connectivity problems with Bionics. :shocked:
No issues all day in Atlanta...

Edit: Just saw the guy above me's post. The weird part is I know I've been on 4g all day, I always look at my data when I look on my phone. Was on wifi maybe from 8:30 when I woke up to 9:30 when I left, but decent 4g... until I read his post. Now I'm at full 3g. Thanks a lot guy above me! Also, to get to all three of those places in one day by now, you must've left pretty early, please don't tell me that's a daily commute...
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3G in Jersey where I normally have 4G

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