Verizon releases new Drrrroid Commercial for the Droid Charge


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Oct 20, 2009
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[video=youtube;sc3aLMTwB0c]]YouTube - Droid Charge from Verizon - Launch[/video]​

Verizon continues the awesome line up of Droid Commercials with the latest airing over the weekend featuring the Samsung Droid Charge. This new 4G device definitely deserves the "Droid" name tag. After a bit of hands on over the weekend, it has surpassed my expectations!

"You have never held a Droid this powerful, one that streams movies on a Super AMOLED display with detail and color you never imagined possible. Introducing the Droid Charge by Samsung. The first Droid to be infused with Verizon 4G LTE. Brace yourself for what Droid Does now."
I keep forgetting the Thunderbolt isn't actually part of the "Droid" lineup... :icon_eek:
Ya, the Droid Bolt has a nice ring to it also..

I keep forgetting the Thunderbolt isn't actually part of the "Droid" lineup... :icon_eek:
Nice to hear you've had good experiences with the Charge. This may be a nice little sleeper device since folks aren't going to stop bashing it...
OK what's the rule? What makes a Droid a Droid?
Only Samsung and Moto?
Verizon decides, period. All three major manufacturers now have an Android phone in the Droid lineup. Basically, whatever Verizon wants to brand as a "Droid" will get that name. The Droid lineup are supposed to be "top end" phones but not all are. Verizon seems to be behind the curve when it come to cutting edge tech. Let's hope they don't delay the Bionic so long that it too is behind the curve when it comes out.