Verizon Note 4 Developer Edition Is No Longer Available


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Oct 6, 2011
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Developer devices have pretty much been the only way that we can get reliable get our Rom on with Verizon. They have made sure to lock up their retail devices tight. Normally if you buy a retail device on Verizon you do so knowing that there is little to no chance the device will be rooted or ever have a custom recovery. The only way to combat this has been to purchase a Nexus device like the Galaxy Nexus years ago, the Nexus 6 from last year, a Developer version device.

Starting August 6 the Developer version of the Note 4 is no longer available for purchase. This is a big bummer for anyone who was waiting to upgrade and had an eye on this device. This could be because Samsung is getting ready to release the Note 5. At any rate the fact that the device is no longer available will mean that either developers will turn their attention to the retail models, continue to support the dev devices that are out there, or move on to greener pastures. Hopefully this is not a sign of things to come with Verizon.

via XDA