Verizon Note 4 Developer Edition


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Sep 5, 2011
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The RAZR HD was not locked down like the new MAXX and other recent Motorola phones are now. They still haven't rooted the MAXX on KitKat and it's been many months since the update broke root.

As I said before, achieving rooting of the new Turbo is unfortunately not looking good. As for the xperia I can't predict.
Xperia will probably be doable because of the Dev support Sony offers. Even with VZ's additions it should be doable. HTC, LG, Sony, and the Nexus line should remain that way. Samsung and Moto will probably remain out back; even their Dev editions are useless on VZ. Yes, I am displeased with the state of Moto and Samsung on Verizon, but at least it makes my phone choice easier in the end.