Verizon Email Problems...Help!


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May 18, 2010
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Anyone else having this problem or is it just my phone? My droid is set up with a Verizon email account. It has a mind of its own. Several issues: I will delete messages and it will send it back unread. I will read messages and save it. It will erase everything I saved and later send it all back unread. It will not receive any new messages unless I kill the app and turn it on again. I check several messages and press mark read, come back later and they are all marked unread. My account is marked as to delete from server as I delete from my Droid. And of course it doesn't have a delete all button to clear the trash folder (any apps or updates on the way for this). My wife has her phone set up with a Yahoo email account and doesn't seem to have this problem. Now, Droid sold and made for Verizon, what's with all the problem a Verizon email account? Is it just my phone? Help !!! I'm getting really frustrated !