Verify my settings for Droid X Boot animation.


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Sep 17, 2011
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I've created a sequence of jpg pictures from a family guy clip and I exported the clip's audio also. The clip is a little over 12 seconds and it's running at 25 frames per second. The audio is in aac file format will this work of does it need to be mp3? The resolution on the pictures is 720 X 480 and the actual video doesn't take up the entire screen since there is a bar on the top and bottom of the pictures. Does all of this sound fine? Thanks for any help... Also am I going to run into problems with the resolution since the video is 720 by 480 and my phone is 480 X 820 (or something like that) How do I make sure the video is going to play the right way and doesn't show up with the 720 going across the 480 screen