Velocity toolkit Overclocking and undervolting


Jun 11, 2011
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Hi everyone,

I have a question about over clocking and undervolting via velocity toolkit's CPU settings. As of now my phone has a max frequency of 787 MHz and a min frequency of 245 MHz. What exactly does that mean? Does the max frequency number represent Overclocking and the min frequency represent undervolting?

I feel like the max number is definitely how far you overclock it to but could some explain the min number?

Thanks in advance guys.
you are correct with the 787 being your overclock. 245, on the other hand, is UNDERCLOCKING not undervolting. this will underclock your phone and slow the device down to that frequency, in your case 245, conserving battery life at the cost of performance. the different governors in the toolkit can be set to your preference, ondemand pumping up the frequency when needed, powersave mode will use the lowest selected frequency constantly while performance mode will use the highest selected. as for the other modes available, if any, such as smartass i couldnt really tell you their functions. i know that other posters suggest using smartass when its available though im unsure why. hope this clarifies your confusion.