Using S6 Edge on "International Network"


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Jun 19, 2015
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I originally purchased a Verizon S6 Edge. Don't care for it and am going back to my Note 4. I have a guy who wants to buy it but is asking me if it is "unlocked" and can be placed on an "international network". He is not talking about using it on Verizon's network but some other international network. Is it possible or does Verizon need to do something special. I am a novice with such things.

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Sorry I can't help you with your question, but hang in there and hopefully one of our more knowledgeable members can give you a hand.

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I believe the phone is locked internationally, so you would need to contact Verizon to unlock it (someone please correct me if I'm wrong). How did you pay for the phone? Did you purchase on Edge, 2yr contract, or full retail upfront? The reason I ask is because you need to have the device paid off to unlock.

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