Using my Nexus as a home cinema.. issues with bluetooth audio syncing


Nov 9, 2009
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I know this sounds ridiculous but I have been attempting to achieve miniature wireless home cinema nirvana for a while.
Since getting a Nexus with an MHL adaptor I have got quite a bit further.
I have my nexus plugged into my pico projector optoma pk201 with the MHL adaptor. Because the phone is far away from the screen which is where the speakers and amp are located I wanted a wireless audio solution. Therefore I am using bluetooth audio to a logitech bluetooth adaptor connected to the stereo.
I know its crappy quality, I know it's not surround sound, I know its just a cheap little projector with limited brightness but it actually gives a pretty good experience for very little money and its very small and discreet.
The only issue I have is the bluetooth audio not syncing too well. Should I ever expect to be able to use bluetooth audio and have the audio in sync with the video or is there too much going on to data wise get reasonably accurate timing?
Would it ever be possible for bluetooth to broadcast surround sound or is there some other wireless audio solution I could use for wireless surround sound from my phone that is very portable.

I like this system because I can set it up anywhere, even use it from a car for a quick little portable video projection system.

Any thoughts or ideas based on this?