use voice to dial a number not in contact list


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Sep 23, 2010
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I know you can dial a number by speaking the contact name. But I have loads of phone numbers that are not in my contact list and never will be. How can I speak out a number and have it dialed?


Maybe an app does this.
If you have the google voice commands thingy installed...just say "DIAL 5551212".
Thanks so much. I feel like an idiot. I had been saying "Call" and the number and that did not work for some reason.

I couldn't believe that this was not structured into the voice commands. And it was!
Your very welcome. Don't feel to bad...It's not like there is really a manual or anything ..that I know of anyway.. :) I've had my own issues trying to figure out exactly how to phrase things, so I know how you feel..