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Jul 21, 2012
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I am having trouble with the "USB Debugging" switch is on V4.1.2? I am using Verizon service. When I go to "Activate USB Tether". Then a dialog box comes up telling me to go to "settings". I find "debugging" there, but it is not highlighted and i can not check the box. Is this the only debugging tool and if so, i am wondering if Verizon screwed with me when i recently did a factory reset.
To me that sounds like a driver issue.

The first thing you should try is to unplug the device from USB. See if the USB debugging in >Settings>Developer Options is available to turn on.

The other thing you need to check depending on your ROM build is if developer settings are even enabled? Should be a switch near the top of developer options. If you have that option and its not turned on you won't have the option to turn USB debugging on.

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Do you see Developer options in the settings menu? You may need to go to About phone, scroll to the bottom & press on the Build number multiple times to enable the Developer options. There's a USB debugging option there.

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I followed the advice above and was able to connect with PdaNet. Question.. when i turned on Developer Options, i get a dialog box that says
"These settings are intended for development use only. They can cause your device and the applications on it to break or misbehave." Is this something to worry about?
Not particularly. A great percentage of the users run in Development mode USB Debugging and it is necessary for a number of applications to work. Don't worry about the warning.
the suggestions above worked. I have never needed to go to the Developers Options before i did the factory reset. i guess i now have a couple extra extra steps when wanting to launch PdaNet. We travel in our RV a couple times a year for a couple months at a time. Still having an unlimited data plan, PdaNet allows me to stay connected without limitations.