USB Connection Issues


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Jun 1, 2011
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Machine: Sony Vaio VGN-FZ290
OS: Vista Ultimate x32
Droid: Dinc2
OS: Android 2.2.1
Connection: USB 1.0 OR 2.0

When plugged in via USB in any mode (charge only, disk mount, . . .etc), windows explorer slows to a frozen, tar-covered crawl and does not respond in most cases. Likewise, other programs that communicate with Dinc2 freeze up, like iTunes and iTunes Agent. Other applications unrelated to Dinc2 like Earth or Chrome run smoothly.

When Dinc2 is plugged in using "Media Sync," PC asks for drivers. All drivers provided by VZW have been installed, uninstalled, and reinstalled follwed by reboots on both phone and PC.

I can successfully access the SD card and use iTunes Agent to sync after 20 minutes of waiting for the Dinc2 and PC hammer out their differences, but I'd really like it to work like every other USB device I use, instantly.

I've tried all the basic solutions I can think of, including reboots and reinstallations of drivers and supportive software. Neither VZW, nor HTC seem to have drivers available for download. Remedies from this thread were also attempted to no effect.

I'm a novice forum user, so please forgive any discourtesies and provide guidance to remedy my posts.
Go to PDAnet and install the latest software, it has the proper drivers for the DInc2
Perfect LowFire, Thank you. The phone and computer talk much sooner than they used to.
Safe Mode Yields Success

I'm not a Computer Tech, so I don't know what it means or how to fix it.

I booted in safe mode with the phone plugged in and no problems. I unplugged, rebooted in safe mode and plugged in after boot, and no problems.

Though it happens a little faster with PDANet drivers, explorer still locks up for at least five minutes, sometimes ten or fifteen.

Any ideas?