Urgent wi-fi help needed


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Sep 25, 2013
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Hi guys,

got a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (phone not tablet) earlier today and I'm deciding whether or not to keep it as I have until tomorrow to take it back.
The size is of course a huge factor and I'm not sure how I feel about it.

Anyway I've been trying to have a go with it and as mobile signal (in general) is bad in my area I'm trying to use the wi-fi.

We've got a standard BT Broadband router in the house and I can find it and have entered in the password but it doesn't seem to want to connect.

At the top of the wi-fi bit it says scanning, then connecting and authenticating and then it will say "SAVED, SECURED" underneath my router. But then instead of letting me
use wi-fi it will go through the same process again.

I have turned wi-fi on and off a few times and have rebooted my router as well but to no avail. Would appreciate help ASAP as I'd like to at least try and use this phone before I make my decision. Thankyou.

(P.S. I'm none too good with tech jargon as you can probably guess so please go easy!)
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What you describe is usually a result of the password not matching what the router expected. (close only counts in horseshoes). You may want to restart the router and tell your phone to forget that connection, (tap it), then restart the phone and try connecting again. Report back!