upgrade from a droid x?


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May 22, 2010
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hi everyone, would just like some general advice on if i should upgrade. currently i have a droid x and it's a good phone but definitely has its issues. my 2 year contract w verizon is up and was wondering if there is another phone on the market that i could be recommended? i don't like fold out keyboards so the new droid 4 seems eh to me (swype has taken over my life). any comments welcome
I'm partial to the razr when my upgrade comes, the best thing I can tell you is to go look at them and hold them fondle them, well that just sounded dirty! Anyway go see which one feels right to you. Figure out what features your looking for.
I haven't been keeping track too much, but from what I understand, Verizon is entering a lull period. They just had a flurry of releases last Fall and there's not too much on the horizon. If I were in your place (actually I AM in your place: DX with an eligible upgrade!) I would wait... there isn't anything exciting enough to make me pull the trigger.

Now's the time to rediscover the X. If you haven't rooted and rommed, give it a try. That will make your phone like new again. If you have, maybe try a new rom?