Upcoming absence of Droid DOES!!

sorry to hear about it man. take a break .. learn whats important .6 months ago i got married to the love of my life . i had to give up a lot of time i spent on different forums/ hot rods/ cell phone hacking/ computer hacking . i just now started to mix that back in . but i know she and child on the way is the most important thing. i don't say this very often in fear of being talked to by a mod. But i am praying for ya ..
see you soon !
Bro I don't know you from Adam. With this kind of turmoil and drama in your life, the last thing you need is to dive deeper in a forum and theming.
What you need to do is step away from the pc, put down your phone and get yourself right. If you run and hide from it, it will pop back over and over again.
and I believe I saw you have kids. You are connected to Joy until they are 18. More reason to get your head straight.
I think a few hundred (if that) fans of your themeing can get over the fact that they wont be seeing your work for a while. DF does not matter right now at all.

(of course this is only my opinion)
Bro good luck with everything, I really mean that. Me and my girlfriend broke up recently and I have been taking it horribly. Take all the time you need to feel better. I know how you feel I have been through tough break ups and am going through one now. I don't know what do to to make myself feel better even and I have done some destructive things. Just relax, and I hope things work our for you. My prayers are with you.

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You are connected to Joy until they are 18.

I'd have to agree with this sentiment regardless of the details. Android could be long gone by then. Take care of yourself and the ones closest to you first. I hope it works out either way...