Unpatch hotspot ?


Jan 13, 2010
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I don't know from all the threads on this if I need to do anything or not. Here's what I posted in a thread the other day but it didn't get answered. I would appreciate any help.

Well this is weird. I never used the hack from tbh for mobile hotspot. I had used wireless tether with froyo. So I loaded the first unrooted gb, then used sbf to get stock then the rooted gb. I did run a file nothrottledxgb.zip thinking it would up the speed as the no throttle appeared to do with froyo. No apparent difference. I was going to load wireless tether but clicked mobile hotspot to see if it worked thinking that since it was free for a bit on the thunderbolt it might work. It did. It also worked on the unrooted gb though. So I've used it a few times in the past week. So do I need to do anything to unpatch anything or just don't tether. I first noticed it worked with the unrooted gb when I used it waiting for root so I would switch to wireless tether. So I know it did work. It's Odd to me that it worked on the non rooted gb after an sbf

What do I need to do if anything?