Unlocking bootloader... Any way to recover if I mess up?


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Feb 21, 2011
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I'm getting everything together to unlock my bootloader, and if I scew up am I done for or is there like a kernel or stock boot image I can push?

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When you unlock the bootloader there's virtually nothing that can go wrong.

When you flash recovery, only thing that can go wrong is if you flash the wrong version.

When you flash a ROM, you can relock and flash the RUU if there's a problem. You can also just flash a new ROM

When you flash a kernel, you can go to a different kernel if it doesn't work with your ROM.
Thanks for the input. I'm use to moto phones so there's no such thing as flashable kernels :b. Also, what is an RUU?

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Ruu= rom update utility...
It's kinda like rsd + sbf file... Ask rolled into one exe file
Meant to run in the computer and what not

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