Unable to SBF back to Froyo from Gingerbread. PLEASE HELP!!


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Jun 21, 2011
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hey guys.

I recently was running the rooted version of gingerbread on my droid x and then changed over to the liberty rom and was running that for awhile.

Anyways I was trying to install the new cyanogenmod rom to my droid x and it messed up so I ended up sbf'ing to the stock gingerbread which was released recently.

I am now trying to sbf back to froyo so that i can get back to rooted gingerbread.

When I try to sbf to 2.3.340 i go through rsd lite and every thing appears to go successfully it just tells me to manually power up the phone manually.

When I do power up my phone though it freezes at the red motorola M. I tried baterry pull. When i reboot it it once again just freezes at the red M. I also booted into recovery and wiped data and data cache.

I am able to sbf my phone back to the gingerbread and it runs properly, but i just cannot sbf to froyo 2.3.340

any help would be appreciated here
Sounds like you already wiped data, but I had to twice after I sbf d back. Stuck on the m, then I wiped data, then I boot looped. I wiped again, and presto.
..Also, RSD Lite sucks, it really does, after a while flashing successfully becomes damn near impossible.. I would reinstall RSD Lite on your computer, and if that doesn't work, download a new copy of the Froyo sbf. file.

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