Downgrade from Gingerbread to Froyo


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Jun 3, 2011
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I just got a new warranted phone from Verizon and it came with Gingerbread. After messing with it - I honestly liked Froyo better and I wish to return to it for the time being.

Is this possible? If yes - how? And is it possible to return back to the stock Verizon/Motorola stock Froyo sbf or will the sbf be rooted? (I prefer to return to the vzw/moto OTA 2.2 that my previous Droid X had since I had no problems with it)

Pretty sure you should be able to just SBF back to stock 2.2. SBF will not be rooted, it is completely stock
You can return to froyo by sbfing the 2.3.340 file, the downside is that you will most likely be continually prompted to update to gingerbread if you stay stock.

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I'd rather be prompted time and time again to upgrade than to only have 6 hours of battery life. Are there guides to downgrading to Froyo? I'd love to go back - am just not happy at all with GB.
You might want to think about that because I'm pretty sure that it asks you like every 30 minutes. I could be wrong as I have never taken an ota since I have rooted every android phone that I have ever owned as soon as I could. My wife on the other hand has not rooted she always took otas as soon as they popped up and didn't delay them. I have read that it asks very frequently. Also I believe P3Droid stated that verizon is trying to track rooted phones by seeing who doesn't take the ota and assuming that those people are rooted. Read his food for thought post over at mydroidworld

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Well, it did not prompt me in the first place for the upgrade, and when Froyo was released months back, it did not prompt then, either. I had to go looking for the updates once I found out they were available. My wife's DroidX has not prompted her yet, either.
OP, i had downloaded that OTA gingerbread and i didn't like it. Sure it was nice looking and all but i agree the battery just sucked itself dry. I have not been prompted not once yet to update my phone since going back to Froyo.

SBFing back to 2.3something Froyo was actually easier than i thought. I'd post the link to the SBF and RSD program that you'd need but i'm not sure if i'm allowed to do that since i'm still new to this forum.
odd on the battery life. I have GB with watermarked theme and overclocked.. getting more battery than froyo. maybe some battery issues? 6 hours seems low
I get better or the same battery life compared to froyo here. ymmv

OP- should be able to sbf to .340 with the linux iso then root and rom to prevent GB ota.
i went from almost all day battery to 4 hours with gingerbread. HELP, and please be specific!
Call tech support, tell them what's going on. I did on Saturday and they're sending me a new one. The main issues I was having was battery life and it was getting real hot, up to 112°. My wife has the X and is not having these issues. I figure since her and others here have had good results with gb a different device might do the trick.
As a side note, I spoke with a couple vzn folks who said they're working on a fix for the issues, but I needed a phone that works now.

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I SBFed back to froyo,I too had terrible battery life on GB,as well as not liking several "improvements",esp the battery fully charged message...
battery saved!!

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Well, after a week of misery with two Droid X phones and gingerbread, battery life was about 4 hours. I kept trying turning off every app I could and just not using it, still 4 hours then Dead phone. Last night I reduced screen brightness down to about 25% (had it on auto brightness and then around 35%). I woke this morning to find my battery still half full after 12 hours!!!! YIPPEE. dancedroid
i went back to leaked 595 from 596. the 596 battery life was terrible. 595 i could go most of the day on a full charge. 596 i was lucky to see 4hrs.

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