UD Booted on TBolt!!!


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Aug 2, 2010
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Yeah it happened like i said. We got UD booting on tbolt :) Loving me some GB UD!!

Needs some tweaking and fixes still. and no, no lte support yet. :(

And i took theses on my D1 :) Its still useful!


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Holy crap! That's awesome, good work can't wait to try it. Just picked up my Tbolt on Saturday, I had my doubts until I played with it at Best Buy...then I had to have it.
Damn you all! I want a thunderbolt but not enough to stomach the off contract prices. Just used my early upgrade 2 months ago for an R2D2 Droid 2. Cool looking, very decent phone. But locked Moto vs HTC open? I think I know who I'm going with next time around. Congrats lucky Tbolt owners. Now... any news on D2/DX UD 3.2??? Haha

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P.s typo in the thread title :)

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Sweetness man, this is GREAT news as I am planning to root my phone tonight now that an easy root option has been released.

FYI, even if the LTE isnt working you should still release. As I live in an area with no 4g so im disabling the LTE anyway. Would be great if you built into the Rom an option to do this. Thanks again!!!
UB = Ultimate Beta LOL, hehe sorry was excited to get you guys some pics and made a typo lol. fixed now.

no 4g yet and if we dont get it in and the roms ready otherwise we are gonna release it. im gonna mess with 4g drivers tonight and see what i come up with.
The Thunderbolt is now the front runner in my next upgrade choice, but not being too hasty just yet.
awesome! great work ... can't wait to see what it's like when it reaches 88 mph! (like in back to the future....)
awesome! great work ... can't wait to see what it's like when it reaches 88 mph! (like in back to the future....)

Thats a bug blackdroid is working on. when you hit 88 mph it sends you back to 1999 and you have a startac in place of your thunderbolt.:icon_eek: